Our passion

Amino-Chem organizes many clubs including cycling club, football club, Ping-Pong club, fishing club, aerobics club, etc.

Introduction of clubs

reading association

Reading Club

We enjoy reading and sharing our ideas. We make recommendations on great books t our club members and hold seminars on a regular basis.

bicycle riding association

Cycling club

We are dedicated to promoting the spirit of cycling. We organize the cycling activities and trips to strengthen our wills and healthiness, and develop a self-challenge, self-transcendence and proactive spirit. We advocate a civilized, healthy and happy lifestyle and create a natural, harmony, faithful, friendly, equal, tolerant and interdependent atmosphere.

basketball association

Basketball Club

Basketball is faith, spirit and life.

bodybuilding dance association

Dancing Club

Taking interests as the foundation, we create a club with character and energy.

ping-pong association

Ping-pong club

Life is endless as exercise. We keep smile toward the life and work with happiness.

chess association

Chess club

We make friends with the chess playing, enjoy the game and improve the skills together.

badminton association

Badminton club

We love badminton and we play together to become healthier.

football association

Football club

We make friends by playing football.

fishing association

Fishing club

We share fishing skills and techniques among club members and enrich our life through fishing.

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