EHS management system is the combination of environmental management system (EMS) and the occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS). E for environment, H for health and S for safety.

EHS is the lifeblood of a chemical enterprise. Since the inception of Amino-Chem, EHS is our priority. We have regular staff training and increasing investment in environmental protection. Regarding waste discharge, Amino-chem has a higher standard compared to that of the country.

Amino-Chem strictly follows national laws and regulations, and establishes its EHS management system during the whole process of production, sales, marketing, and customer service. Our principle for safety: Safety is our number one priority, and to cultivate the mindset of safety is our goal.

Occupational medical

Pollution reduction and
environmental protection

Investment in wastewater

Amino-Chem got the certification of ISO 14000 and the honor of "Provincial Work Safety Standardization Enterprise" in 2008.

Amino-Chem promotes occupational health management. In 2014, we achieved 100% in occupational medical examination and monitoring for occupational hazard factors in workplaces without any acute occupational poisoning accident.

Since we cannot avoid the hazardous factors, such as high pressure or flammable materials, in the production, we analyze the root causes of risks and apply Hazard and operability study(HAZOP) to identify the risks in advance. In 2014, RMB 15 millions were spent in the safety projects.

Amino-Chem persistently pursues innovation in clean technology. By making use of the integrated production of m-PDA, resorcinol and 3-amino-4-methoxyacetanilide, the company can apply the cascade utilization of sulfuric acid, ammonia neutralization, and MVR system to substantially reduce the wastes.

Amino-Chem continuously increases investment in waste treatment, such as the expansion of biological wastewater treatment facility, the establishment of exhaust gas treatment system, and the introduction of catalytic oxidation.

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