External integration

Amino-Chem, the intermediate business unit and the core business of Longsheng Group, achieves the resource integration by making full use of the synergies within the group.

From the operational standpoint, Longsheng group provides a network of logistics and exchange platform of raw materials. From the managerial standpoint, Longsheng group offers managerial and financial resources, such as resources from group R&D center and Longsheng Capital.

logistics platform, exchange of materials, business resources

Internal circulation

The internal circulation is the recycling of wastes. One example is the recycling of sulfuric acid. Depending on the different acid concentration, the spent acid from one product could be the raw material of another product. Another example is the recycling of steam. The exhaust gas could be used to produce steam, and the condensate water from the steam could be also used to produce demineralized water.

acid circulation, steam circulation, treatment of condensate water

With years of research and working, we have established a circular-economical and integrated production base: “Dyestuffs – Intermediates - Sulfuric acid – Superplasticizers” in Shangyu, Zhejiang. Every year, the value created from waste recycling and resource allocation is more than RMB 100 million, and the energy saving from heat recycling is the equivalent of energy from 20,000 metric tons of standard coal. Our circular-economy system is now the role model in the whole industry area, and we are still working further in R&D and keep the leading position.

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