Quality Assurance

ISO Certifications

Zhejiang Hongsheng Chemical Co., LTD

ISO9001:2008 Certification ?

ISO14001:2004 Certification ?

Quality policy

The quality policy of Amino-Chem is “customer-oriented, excellence persuasion”. We take customers’ needs as our business guideline and try to meet, even to exceed, customers’ expectation, ultimately achieving our business objectives. Amino-Chem implements “Lean manufacturing” and constantly improves management capabilities to maximize the benefits for both the customers and the company.

Internal audit

Amino-Chem has more than 40 internal auditors of ISO9001/14001. According to ISO 9001, every year the company organizes at least one internal audit for the QMS which covers all departments/workshops, processes and products.

File control

The file system of Amino-Chem QMS has 4 types of files: quality manual, procedure documents, operation instruction, and quality records, and each is controlled and managed with different methods.


Amino-Chem organizes training for all staff every month to ensure employees’ continuous capability improvement, including the training of laws, regulations and technical knowledge.

Continuous improvement

The QMS of Amino-Chem is to control the whole production and to correct or prevent the defectives of products and raw materials. The company continuously improves the technology and the management to improve the QMS effectiveness.

Customer Satisfaction and Complaint

Amino-Chem, is endeavored to meet, and even to exceed, customers’ expectation in terms of products and services, and to achieve win-win results between the company and customers. Meanwhile, we manage customers’ complaints timely and properly.

Personnel and instruments

The QA/QC personnel

Company QC/QA employees
Area of laboratory
Area of laboratory
Important equipment
Zhejiang Amino-Chem Co., LTD 52 450 4842 115
Zhejiang Hongsheng Chemical Co., LTD 39 600 6456 67
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