Core technology

Amino-Chem dedicates itself to upgrading the traditional process and to improving production technology of the entire industry.

The technology of continuous nitration of Amino-Chem is the improvement of equipment and production technology based on the mature mono-nitration process in China. This advanced technology is an organic integration to conduct reactions, heat transfer, mass transfer, lifting, and separation.
During the steady state operation, the parameters and conditions vary within relatively narrower limits, facilitating the operation and making the production safer.

Catalytic hydrogenation

Aerial View of factory
Aerial View of factory

Continuous catalytic hydrogenation

Amino-Chem develops continuous catalytic hydrogenation, in which dinitrobenzene and hydrogen are used as raw materials. It is a clean and low-cost process compared to the traditional batch catalytic hydrogenation process, in which the capacity is limited.

In 2003, Longsheng Group improved the batch catalytic hydrogenation equipment and achieved continuous catalytic hydrogenation of mixed dinitrobenzene. After separation, the end-products m-PDA, o- PDA and p- PDA are gotten simultaneously. The utilization of raw materials increases to about 97%. And the cost decreases by 20% than that of batch catalytic hydrogenation.
Amino-Chem developed the technology of catalytic hydrogenation to produce 3-amino-4-methoxyacetanilide, to solve the pollution issues of waste iron sludge and wastewater from the traditional iron powder reduction.

High pressure Hydrolysis

The company also developed a new hydrolysis process to produce resorcinol from m-PDA. These novel technologies simplify operation procedures, reduce investment in equipment, lower production cost and improve product quality.

Resorcinol Process Resorcinol Process
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